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[v1.0.13]Endervoltz[Grief/PvP][120]Nothing Banned


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  • Don't ask Mods/Admin for items
  • Voltz has bugs we will not refund stuff due to it
  • We will however bring the issue up with dev teams to fix the problems
  • No hacks/Cheats/X-rays (we run 2 anti x-rays and NCP) stop being a fatty and play fair
  • Nothing is removed nor Banned cause what's the point
  • Co-Owned by Themalkav and Burntime69 we are both in are 30's and have owned MC servers for a long time now but only recently broken into the mod section
  • Server is locally owned and ran 24/7 Mondays is heavy server update day(expect a lot of reboots)
  • Currently the community is a "friendly ass kicking server" We EXPECT you to learn to survive and fight not beg to live with others. This server enjoys the hardest difficulty and loves the conflict.
  • We have a second server for Peaceful Voltz that is White-listed and you can apply for that server on the website Enderworld.enjin.com (Requires minor donation for it)

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