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New tekkit lite server


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Please join the server the first 5 people who post will get full quantum armor and anything they need for the time they are on if you post your username

If you join the ip is

This server is 24/7 is has no lag and has hunger games towny economy and more

Remember post ign and come on in thanks.


Talk to the admin bazinga980


The owner lambo12001

Thank you

Please have fun

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When you go on the server talk to the admin me or the owner lambo12001 we will give you the supplies you want to start your adventure and please read the rules below


No griefing

Don't steal from homes

Don't curse / cussing


We have very few items banned

And we are a family friendly server so please follow the rules or you can be jailed kicked or banned

Please don't beg staff for creative or to be an op

We have opening sometimes for extra staff we will pick the best builders and other staff when needed

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