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  1. What is your Minecraft username? Shadelin_Night How old are you? Old enough In what country do you live? USA Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? Shouldn't What is your favorite part of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite? Exploring/social Have you read through the thread as you should to avoid unnecessary questions later? yep What makes you interested in join our team? Just like to check out really great servers with good people.
  2. Will check it out... Oh, user name is Shadelin_Night
  3. ID: Shadelin_Night Hiya, wouldn't mind taking a look at the server to see how you members are... I enjoy a good community based server setup.
  4. Minecraft Username: Shadelin_Night Age: Old... already posted it on the forums of your website... Timezone/Country: EST / USA What you plan to do on tekkit: Check out the server to see how decent your members are... I enjoy the social aspect of servers vs. single play so I am hoping that you will have a good member base. I like to chat / read chat while building and assist when needed with ideas and problem solving. And yes, I am registered on your server already... Got the acceptance on the website... thanks for how fast you responded to this... hope to see you tonight...
  5. Minecraft Username: Shadelin_Night Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope, nothing recorded, i was doing testing on a friends server and he was testing an auto banning system and I was the tester... but that was as a mod... What do you plan to do on the server:build, explore help out... Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: about 6 months tekkit, a few in minecraft...
  6. Minecraft Username: Shadelin_Night Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Only for testing when I was a mod...testing an auto ban system What do you plan to do on the server: build, explore... generally aide the server when I can as well. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: several months... a little of everything but mostly just the basics
  7. Requested a while ago but never got whitelisted... may have just missed it by a few days but I'll try again... •In Game Name Shadelin_Night •Location Near Philadelphia Pa., USA •Age (18+ Only Please) 42 •Have you read and understood everything in this post? Yep •Experience with minecraft/tekkit? I am pretty well experienced in minecraft and I'd call myself fair in Tekkit •Abit more about yourself as a person Married with kids, work full time (plus on-call) for a biopharm companyi n the calibration and instrumentation department (since most peo
  8. Been on for a couple of days now... Everyone is helpful and nice (except for one person which has been rectified... lol). Great server with alot of nice 'clean' area for building.
  9. In Game Username: Shadelin_Night Age: 42 Country: USA Why would you join our community?: A grief-free server, decent people, world protection... who wouldn't want to join? If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: Sensible and helpful... I have only been playing Tekkit for a few months but i do know the basics and I am more than happy to assist new players as well as creative ideas for builds. Do you agree on all of the rules?: yes To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: besides the 5 you named? I also dont kite mobs, o
  10. IGN: Shadelin_Night Age: Older than most players Experience: several months. I have done Admin/Mod work so i can assist, Not to be an admin/mod, but help out new players if needed. Just looking for a decent server with a good community.
  11. Username : Shadelin_Night Age: 42 Country/Timezone: EST Years playing Minecraft : 1 Previous op/mod experience? : yes What you feel you can contribute : EE (who hasn't used it). Some CC, I enjoy building towers.Can assist with what can be done with Tekkit. Time you can contribute to the server : several hours a week Do you have any Mysql, Java, or HTML experience? How many years? : not much pretty much none. Other information you feel may be pertinent : Since velociraptors are key, I believe chickens are decendents of reptiles, so, I have built chicken statues before... there fore I ca
  12. 1.) How old are you? (12 and over): 42 2.) How long have you been playing tekkit? 6+ months 3.) Have you ever been banned? If so, why? nope 4.) What do you plan to do on this server? (Build, PvP, Etc.): build/chat/explore 5.) What is your IGN? Shadelin_Night 6.) How often can you play on the server? Couple of hours a day during the week, several hours on the weekend (about 20 hours toatal a week) minus on-call/vacation.
  13. IGN: Shadelin_Night AGE: 42 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: Never WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? I like building towers and factories, and still want to make a nice rail station WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? Chat, experience, helpful to those who need assistance...
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