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QuantumCraft [PvP] [Stealing] [No Griefing]


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Rules: No griefing.

Hello and welcome to QuantumCraft! QuantumCraft is a tekkit lite server with a difference, created for a fun and easy experience. When we first created QC we wanted to be big server with hundreds of players, however realised that because of that the community aspect had been cut out. It was decided when Tekkit Lite came out that we would have a complete overhaul. We bought a new server, with unbelievable specs in order to stop any lag. This meant we can have the larger mods like mystcraft(a mod which allows you to create crazy private worlds).

To make it a more fun and exciting server, we have decided to go no plugins(except essentials). It means you can have a truly immersive experience. Things people take for granted on other servers, like free area protections, are things you have to work for, adding to the challenge and fun. Rather than a few commands, you build safes and forcefields to protect your land and items. To furthermore add to the vanilla - like experience, we have decided to ban nothing. All mods, machines and items are free to use.

So how can you play? All you need is the tekkit lite launcher running the latest recommended version, and the IP, which is


. To keep up to date with what is happening, it is highly recommended that you join our website, at


. If you want to help us even more, you could donate for an item pack, or volunteer to become staff. I hope you will come play, and I'll see you soon!

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