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Teleport Pipes - A theory in action


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I've seen many discussion on the "distance limits" or lack thereof on the teleport pipes in Tekkit Classic and I can say there is a limit but what controls the limit now there is the real question.

I've tested this, a little bit so far, on my server and found the following to be true.

My home is 525 meters from SPAWN. If I try to use a teleport pipe FARTHER away I can only go 135M before it will no longer work, no matter what I try. If, however, I try to move "closer" to spawn I can go as far as 200M.

I've even tried this from SPAWN and gotten different results. Spawn is 175M.

The results are the same whether its underground VS mountain, clear line of site at 100 y or not.

Does anyone have a server with 4G of ram allocated?

I'm using -Xmx3G -Xms2G

thoughts? Could it be limited based on the RAM you allocate? Something else? Especially given the distances vary.

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Nothing is wrong with the server. Its just the distance is too far for chunks to be loaded.

What you can do is use a chunk loader/world anchor. They keep the chunks loaded wherever it is placed.

Thanks! - I didn't suspect something was "wrong" per say just wondering about the ram. I'll lookup your suggestion and try to learn about it. Next QUEST! :)

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