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I need a plugin to allow me to spawn ender dragons.


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I am using tekkit classic and so far almost all normal bukkit mods are broken with tekkit. Tekkit's own mods are broken with tekkit. >.> I just made a 1500 long rail track from the random END exit to the real end and there was no dragon, so I'd like to be able to have the dragon spawn every so often or be able to manually spawn them. I tried the egg (383:63) but it doesn't do anything.

I'm wanting to be able to spawn the crystals and the dragons for the people who join the server to get to kill and rekill any time. So is there already a mod that makes the unspawnable spawnable? Or is there a mod that would let me set a device to spawn ender dragons every so often? I remember in normal minecraft, I encountered an End map with over 150 dragons on it once. They were all natural. So could be nice to have the dragons spawn every so often and build up if no one kills them regularly. :P Even respawning ender crystals to make it that much more of a challenge. Should probably have nukes disabled in the end world too with another plugin..

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