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So i want to roll a custom modpack with millenaire, forestry, mo'creatures, and railcraft...


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Just as the title says. Might as well toss Optifine in there too. The entire point of Tekkit is going nuts, isn't it?

I recently had to take Tekkit lite and make my own custom fork with an updated dimensional anchors mod because dimensional anchors were causing server issues. I'm realizing how brilliantly easy it is to add mods. I'm in an excessive mood lately and think it would be a great deal of fun if my players signed off one night feeling safe and secure in their fortified houses and signed on the next to find the entire world wanted to and was able to smash into their place and kill them.

With that being said, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I'm fairly certain other people have added at least a few of these mods, so if someone's already set up and vetted block+item IDs or knows of the gotchas involved here, please share your experiences.

Download links for what I'm considering are:






Discussions of drama re:these mods require you to insert alternating links to bash.org quotes and pictures of bacon into every word of your post so that I have reason to give a damn. For example, this sentence is interesting. Failure to properly baconate posts about drama is unacceptable.

With that said, what're the rules regarding sharing configurations and block IDs for these mods so that they play well with each other?

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