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just a few questions about tekkit lite


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hey guys it has been several months since i have been on this forum so please forgive me, me and a couple friends have restarted a server and we have been watching some vids online and were wondering, what is the biggest difference between tekkit lite and classic and also another question would be is it possible to add in thaumcraft, and mo creatures to the game and to our server as well, if this has already been discussed please forgive me and possibly direct me to the proper threads

but thanks again for reading this and hopefully we can gain the best experience possible from this pack...

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biggest differences are probably EE3 vs EE2, meaning no collectors, trans tablets, EMC, condensers, etc. and all the new and updated stuff from the newer versions of the mods. a lot was added between 1.2.5 and now.

and you can use the custom zips feature to add any mods you want pretty easily.

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