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Direwolf20's Let's Plays


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Direwolf20's Let's Plays!

Direwolf20 is a Youtuber, that uses many mods that are in the technic pack. He doesn't use the pack itself, however. He does let's plays and mod spotlights, mostly of mods that are in the technic pack. He is one of the bigger channels that does Minecraft mods, and he does it well!

He loves to overcomplicate very simple things, and does it with style. However, if you're annoyed if someone doesn't bring materials, he's not the guy to follow, 'cause he does that all the time. Really. The mods that he's best at's, I think, Redpower 2, but I could be wrong. His mod spotlights explain a lot, and his let's plays show how it's done "in real life". I have almost all my knowledge from the mods that he uses from him.

He releases a new episode everyday, but does hold them if he records more. Also, he cuts out mining, so you don't have to watch that, unless he's got a new toy that he can best demonstrate while mining.

Current Series

  • [li]Let's play 1.2.5[/li]
    [li]Feed the beast[/li]
    [li]Mod spotlights[/li]


  • [li]
His channel[/li]
[li]His latest let's play.[/li]
[li]His mod spotlights.[/li]
[li]The official forum post. If you want to post anything that he MUST read, it's your best bet posting it here.[/li]
[li]His twitter[/li]

A few extra useful links:

As an FYI, Direwolf20 just started his Season 4 LP.

Mod Installation (normal route)

Mod Installation using MultiMC - great tool, btw. Highly beta if you don't run the Windows client, though.

Season 4, Episode 1

English is not my mother's tongue. If you see spelling/grammar errors, please post them

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