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[0.5.7] Skyvi - Tekkit Lite Server [Survival][50 Slots][BukkitForge][24/7]


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Welcome to Skyvi!




Port: 10391

Slots: 12

We are in desperate need for builders and designers. Apply on our website to help!

Description: Skyvi is a brand new Tekkit Lite server that strives to find people wanting to learn and expand their knowledge on Tekkit. We as a community are very friendly and helpful. We look for intricate ways to bring the community closer and work together. We have recently upgraded to v0.5.7 and bought a dedicated host. Visit our website for more information.


- No spamming or advertising.

- No excessive swearing or discrimination.

- No griefing or stealing.

- No hacking or cheating.

- No asking for ranks.

- Respect other players.

Banned Items:

- Nukes


- Dynamite

- Lava Placement

- Mining Laser

- Mining Turtles

- Industrial TNT

- Minium Stone

Disabled Mods:

- MystCraft


- Essentials

- WorldGuard

- WorldEdit

- iConomy

- ChestShops

- Lockette

- ProtectionStones

- Enjin Minecraft Plugin

- Vault

- Votifier

- SimpleRegionMarket

- AsknSelfPromote

- Towny


- CoreProtect

- Will Add Pictures Soon -

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