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RootExchange - Bring EE2 to Bukkit with plugin!


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Hi, I want to show You my new plugin - RootExchange. This plugin adds Equivalent Exchange 2 functionality to your Minecraft Bukkit Server without client mods.

Plugin do its best to bring everything that what is possible without client mods. However it still lets to do very much! Even more - it is lightweight - no lags!

(click link above!)


  • Configurable EMC values for every item you want
  • Energy Condensers
  • Almost no commands (users should use command to check EMC only)
  • Permissions support for everything in the plugin
  • Items use cool-downs (Advanced items won't lag your server! Config Support!)
  • Watch of Flowing Time
  • Destruction Catalyst (Works with WorldGuard regions! No grief!)
  • Own Crafting System called RECrafting (Craft with stacks of items!)
  • Alchemy Bag (Using Ender Chest inventory!)
  • Swiftwofl's Rending Gale (You can fly!)
  • Still in development!

I have many more ideas, but I have not much time to write plugins/mods/programs.

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In my opinion, "I like it" is the best reason someone can have to create a mod or plugin. It keeps you interested even during the annoying or tougher bits of programming.

Even though I personally was never a fan of EE2, I look forward to seeing tekkit and other servers advertising [RootExchange] in their subject lines.

Good luck, and feel free to hit up Mod Makers Market if you even need help or advise.

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