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Sound not working, Solutions?


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I've tried deleted the whole folder and it still didn't fix the problem.

Before I deleted the fold I cleared the cache, Didn't fix the problem. I tried running other mods to see if for some reason my computer wasn't letting minecraft itself let sound through but the other mods sound work just fine.

I've allocated 2 Gigs of memory, do I need more? Less?

Thanks in advanced for the help!


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Still looking for solutions.


On a side note.... this is definitely on the TechnicLauncher side and not mine. I've deleted the whole technic launcher folder, the launcher itself. And redid everything. TekkitLite is the ONLY pack that doesn't have sound.

A fix for this would be nice, as it is extremely weird without playing with sound :P


Actually I take that back, in doing this the sound for all the mods stopped working. It seems like java may be buggy on my end maybe? Is someone willing to redownload a mod on the launcher they don't use - or can back up- to see if its just me, or in fact a bug in the technic launcher? Thanks in advanced.

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