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[v1.0.12] Nuke Voltz [No mods blocked] [Bukkit] [Premissions] [Factions]


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Hi folks,

We just started our Voltz server whit me and a friend.

Your free to join us :)

NEWS: We are running bukkit now whit premissions!

NEWS: Factions is added


- PVP = allowd

- Robbing chests = allowd

- Griefing = NOT allowd

- Teams are allowd BUT max 5 players!

- Teams cant have allies !

All rules can be find @ the spawn

Wanne play in a team whit your friends ? Post a command whit your team name, leader and members

SERVER ip nukevoltz.com

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im in canada and it's difficult for me to connect to your server, i have full bars of internet on my computer and when i go to multiplayer i have to refresh the page multiple time's for it to find the server, please fix this if you can i love this server and hate lag. (Ingame it says i have full bars when i press tab)

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i loved this server but not anymore because some mod name chock127 i think that how you spell it came to me and my friend base and teleport another faction to our base and than he disband our faction and made the other faction claim it .no reason at all i still would like to play this server again but i would like all the stuff he took also the faction he teleport to out base all back!

My IGN: deerman1234

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