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  1. Hello my ign is melonpult209 and i was wondering if you needed anymore staff and if you do ill be happy to help you and the server
  2. Mr.Rot plz can u tell me: 1.Am i unbanned. 2.if im still banned when willed i be unbanned and 3.what is being an owner like ive always wanted to know and btw i would make a gr8 mod coz i have been bfore before the server updated and all staff were banned and unranked
  3. Staff application form IGN/IN GAME NAME : melonpult209 Age : 10 Past Experiance/s : i was a mod on a nameless server on vanilla which was run by someone else one day and de-moded me More/Reason : I like stopping minecraftian crimes and am good at tekkit and ill be on inbeetween 2-5 hours a day and ill be a gr8 admin or mod whatever u pick From, melonpult209
  4. i was banned from this server for some reason and i cant go back on my IGN is:melonpult209
  5. btw i was maistaken as a greifer but it was someone else with the username the same just a diffferent number
  6. ign:melonpult209 age:10 im good at being a staff because if anyone argue's or griefes i usually stop them when im not on a server where im an admin ect time:on fri:4:00pm to 5:00 pm.on sat 10:00am to lunchtime and same on sunday my country is britain/scotland so these are the times in scotland i'll be on and im gonna check the server out now
  7. IGN:melonpult209 how long playing voltz: started when i got my new laptop(christmas 2011) Pics:cant upload some pics coz when i make a snapshot what happens is somehow it dosnt save but in my creative world i'm making a giant research facility disguised as a regular 5 floor high-flat with lots of indoor security
  8. i have a few ninokuni2,pokemon,legend of zelda,mario and obviously minecraft/tekkit
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