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Looking for 3-5 people to play with (Me Hosting)


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The reason I'm posting this here and not the server listing is because this will not be a public server available for all. As there really isn't a forum to say your looking for a few people to play with I will do it here.

Heres whats going to happen:

Whitelisted (So you cant give IP to others to join)

NONE of us will be be op, if I have to do something I will do it through the console. (Which means we will have to go 100+ blocks from spawn just in case)

I would like the age of 15+ Players, and mature. I'm willing to make exceptions though.

SKYPE or TS3 - I would like to be able to communicate through talk if possible (if TS3 we will use my Diablo clans TS as I host that as well.)

Before I go into a "application" style format here, let me first tell you about myself.

My name is Billy, and I'm 21 years old. I've played Minecraft from mid-beta. (Not Alpha). My experience as far as Tekkit as a whole goes is pretty mediocre, though I have been playing it for 3 months or so, but even then I still haven't touched based on every possible thing I can do. I joke around from time to time, and I cuss to my hearts extent (so if this bothers you, I'm probably not the one you wanna paly with.).

That being said.. lets get to it, If you are interested please fill this out:

*****For time zone I'd like it to be within the USA, if not I'm sure we could work out timing and all.

Name and/or In-Game name:

Age(Not Required but it will help):

Time Zone:

Anything else you'd like to add:

P.S. This will not be a restricted play environment, anything and everything within the mod will be usable and do-able. (I'm mentioning this because some server listings are Disabling MystCraft or w/e it is)

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Sure. I 'll love to join, I've been aiming to find a Tekkit Lite server seeing that I've only used Tekkit Classic and some other mod packs.

Name and/or In-Game name: Pat, Emery_rocks1

Age(Not Required but it will help): 18

Time Zone: Pascific ST

Anything else you'd like to add: I use to have a small Tekkit Classic Server and I have about 2-3 friends who I play Tekkit with all the time.

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I'm Austin.

My IGN: Snapplepeach

Age: 19

Time Zone: US Pacific

I enjoy playing with others while talking to them using Skype. Though playing singleplayer can be nice since you know that all your stuff is safe, it's not worth the boredom that inevitably ensues. All the same, huge servers with no whitelist and cruddy admins make me feel as though, at any moment, all of my hard work could be destroyed. I feel that a small server like this is ideal for me. As for experience, I have been playing Minecraft for about two years now, and Tekkit for about 9 months. I have a solid understanding of IndustrialCraft and Buildcraft, but have been hoping to get some additional experience with ComputerCraft and RedPower.

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@Snapple and Wicked, and me @skype: Bloodmorphed

Sorry for late responses.

@Tortuga PM me if you are still interested and I'll see what we can do.

EDIT: I would like to point this out just in case: We will be working as a team - However while that is going on you can work on your own base. I essentially want something of a factory, Obviously since EE3 has removed the condenser it will be more of a challenge. I hope your up to it :)

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Name and/or In-Game name: deathdisciples

Age(Not Required but it will help): 19

Time Zone: Eastern

Anything else you'd like to add: I am looking for some friendly people to play with, the last people i played with kinda got in a big fight and broke apart. I am just looking for some good clean tekkit fun. I am also a great worker.

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@DatARMYBeast add me on skype, if you have it. If not PM me.


To add to this: I may or may not be streaming at ANY given time. I'd like to start start streaming again. I will only start streaming when we feel conformable playing together/get to know each a little better so it wont be as awkward (lol)


The server has started! If you were interested I PMed you the info.

*I will not be accepting any more people at this current time, However if you are still interested PLEASE do PM me, or post on this thread. I will be happy to add you if the others are up for it.

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Sounds great!

Name and/or In-Game name: Nik Ingame name is Dreadnik

Age(Not Required but it will help): 14 birthday is 4/6/1998 i may sound/look young but i live with cussing etc etc etc so it doesnt bother me

Time Zone: EST

Anything else you'd like to add: i have gotten into tekkit with a very small private server, i goof around alot but when i want something done it gets done, even if it takes weeks itll be done. i havent even scratched the surface of some of the mods but im getting into alot of them... EX: computercraft mainly haha...

i know buildcraft industrialcraft 2 Factorization mystcraft etc etc etc

if u want skype as well ill pm you or just type ingame... that is if i get in haha

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Name and/or In-Game name:alex and alexday47

Age(Not Required but it will help):im 12 but very mature (joke around sometimes)

Time Zone: central

Anything else you'd like to add: i havent been playing tekkit for long but i have been playing minecraft since it

came out on the x-box 360 (2010) and i love it and want to play minecraft with other people cuz it is fun and

minecraft sometimes gets boring

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