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The Unofficial Wiki was Hacked this afternoon (+2 GMT)


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HI everyone,this is the first time posting on the technic forums.

First off i would like to say that i am not accusing any of the mod's Creators but

the Unofficial Voltz Wikia was hacked using Kennykatsu's account, you may know that he (and i later that afternoon) Started work on the voltz wikia,and since then i have received numerous threats from Mastergalen (he/she even threatened legal action) eventually ending up with him/her being banned by the actual Wikia staff (the domain staff) for spam. back to Kennykatsu's account.we believe his account/password data was taken and used without his permission by the "official" Wiki so i would encourage if you have an account that shares the same password as your wiki account password

Also this is a very public call for peace between the two wiki's we can co-exist and if you are afraid that we are doing better then consider it a challenge to do better yourselves.The internet was made for information and insisting that users only have one place to go to learn it makes me very sad for the future,not everyone wants the same,not everyone wants your vanilla wiki experience,a lot of people want a community that they can trust,and more importantly many people want to be able to choose between sources of information

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