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Mystery of the Missing Ores [Modpack Assembly]


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I'm trying to create a private server modpack, and I've assembled a very nice ultrapack, but there's one issue: Iron ore seems to be missing entirely. I've got Metallurgy 2, Biomes 'o Plenty, and Wild Caves mods, along with many others. Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this kind of issue? And is there any good way to unify the generation of an ore type so that only one kind of copper ore (and so forth) is in the ground? (I know forge makes them interchangable, but it's still an inventory hassle to have four distinct types of copper, tin, and so forth.)

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Okay, I found that the culprit seems to have been Metallurgy 2, and the reason seems to be that it was producing so many ores that a lot of iron was getting flat-out overwritten. I changed the config file for MetallurgyCore.cfg and really pumped up the iron generation, and now there are some iron showing up.

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