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Tekkit is running really slow on my laptop


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i take it you've turned off all the fancy graphics settings and aren't using a massive texturepack? tbh i'd be very hesitant about using anything other than stock textures with integrated graphics

it might not work but you might want to try going into task manager when tekkit is running and changing 'java.exe' to 'high priority' i was experiencing random amounts of lag [ie my massively overpowered pc was getting 1fps for no logical reason] in tekkit and that fixed it. be warned though you can expect to have literally no ability to run background programs if you do that.

also check you've got the right version [ie 64 bit] java and you havent allocated more than 3gb of RAM to tekkit [i dont know exactly how much windows 8 needs but generally you need to leave at least 1gb spare]. note that sometimes decreasing the RAM can actually improve things, for example when i switched from 8GB to 4GB it resulted in speedier opening of tekkit.

also, check there's nothing doing this in your world:

pipes overflowing

quarries with water/lava in them

large groups of anything thats animated [animals etc]

world anchors/dimensional anchors

if there's something in your world thats generating massive lag then you can find it by seeing what direction causes the largest drop in fps. then just follow the lag and destroy whatevers causing it.

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