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Uranium in 1.0.11


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Hi there, we had to start a new map in 1.0.11 as our minecarts litterally broke the map after we upgraded from 1.0.8->1.0.11 keeping the map. So we were usin ga 1.0.8 map which had Uranium Ore.

From that point, we discovered that with the 1.0.11 map, there were absolutely no Uranium Ore, but alot of Tin.

We've considered the possible fact that the generation codes are being shared between Tin and Uranium, and aswell as the possibility that Iron may also be effected cause we had to make Bronze Items cause Iron was so scarce.

If someone can offer us a fix that will repair the problems with the ores or should we spawn a 1.0.8 map and upgrade again to 1.0.11?

Thank you for your help :)

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