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[Voltz 1.0.11]McOverload[PvP/RP][60 slots][No Whitelist!][No Mods Removed!]


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Welcome Traveler.

This is the land of Skyrim. Although it does not look like much now, there was a time in our history, when these lands were filled with many races, man and beast alike. Sadly, this is not the case now. Our lands have grown barren, or cities sacked, and our families slaughtered. The world you have read about no longer exists.

Let me tell you how it all started. At the end of the 21st Era All of Nirn was at war. Skyrim had progressed to its technological apex. We were winning this fight. Then, it happened. As if they were always there, the ancient Dwemer appeared. wielding technology that far surpassed our own. They claimed that they had been watching us for quite some time, and discerned that this exact moment in history, was the ideal time to return to their homelands. They shared with us technology that helped end the war, and unite all races under one flag. The Dwemer were our saviors. For an entire era, all of Nirn was at peace. Our world was finally calm. However, beneath the calm, was an unsettling fear. Ever since the Dwemer had returned, our Gods had stopped listening to us. we received no replies. We were alone. When the Dwemer noticed that this was causing us grief, they decreed the worship of all Gods illegal. Most accepted this, since our saviors provided all that we had need for.

At the beginning of the 23rd Era, our technology it seemed had peaked. We were safe, we were peaceful, but we were still unhappy. This is when it happened. Out of the sky we saw great flashes! It was if the stars themselves were dying. What happened next, no one could have expected. Suddenly, and without warning, our technology ceased to function. Our power, that we had relied on for so long, was gone. And our sun it seemed was the cause. Our dying sun had expelled its worth. A great wave of electromagnetic particles bombarded our beloved Nirn, and the world became quiet. It wasn't long before the fighting broke out. Militias from every race, tried to seize control of the situation. The Dwemer, realizing its moment, outlawed all modern weapons. They took control of Tamriel and ruled us as if we were slaves.

This is were you come in traveler, no doubt you have heard our cries for help. Will you join us? Will you fight this invasion to the last dwemer? Or will you betray your land, and join our enemy? The choice is yours.


IP: play.minecraftoverload.com

Rules: No Hacking, Keep swearing to a minimum, Have Fun! :D

Banned Items: Jetpack (Buggy coding, can cause mass lag.)

Uptime: 24/7

Our Community ranges from young children, to mature adults working their way through college. No doubt you will find someone to shack with.

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