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*Setting spawn point to the nether?*


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Okay, so i've done a lot of research and came up with nothing. I'm making a server with my friend that you start off in the nether and earn your way to the overworld. Long story short, i need the spawnpoint to be in the nether incase someone dies (which someone will). I tried doing /setspawnpoint but that didnt do anything because when i killed myself i still spawned in the overworld. Does anyone know how to set it up to spawn in the nether? Like a plugin i could add that actually works with tekkit lite or something?

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer.

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As far as I know you can't move the spawn point to the nether or the end. From a quick scan of the googles, a bukkit plugin called Multiverse could handle spawn points in different worlds, but I've never used it personally or tried to get it to run.

Creating a custom map with MCEdit or Worldpainter might also work, depending on how you plan your group to earn their escape. You can just bring a huge chunk of the nether into the overworld, box it in bedrock if need be, and go from there.

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Have a mystcraft portal to the nether (using portal blocks) flat on the ground under where players spawn, so that they fall into it on spawning.

Thats actually a really good idea! Care to explain how to do that in a little detail? ive never actually played with mysticraft much, i can mkae a horizontal nether portal with it? like the end portal?

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