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Water Strainers flickering on and off?


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The wiki says that a pump with 4 redstone engines can power 14 strainers.

But I have a group of 12 water strainers that are flickering on and off, which I assume would mean that they're not getting enough water from a single pump. Is that the case, or is there some quirk I'm missing here that makes them give off the full 2 eu/t, despite flickering on and off?

Is the wiki wrong, or is it some other factor (maybe the design of the pipes carrying the water) that's making this not work?

Was going to provide a screenshot, but imgur is being unfriendly.

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The problem is that not every water strainer is getting enough water to run at full speed. The problem is 1. the stone pipes transport water very slowly, use golden pipes. And 2. the redstone engines aren't pumping at full speed.

Try placing the water strainers very close to the pump, lowering the distance between the two.

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