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[TL][0.5.7] ZagCraft + [Whitelist] [50 Slot] [Friendly] [Dedicated Server] [Heavy Modpack]


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IP: server.zagrom.info

Fourms: zagrom.info/forums

(You must register on our forums and submit a whitelist app)

(Without doing this you can not access the modpack, therefore can not get on)

(We also suggest giving your client at least 2gb of RAM while using our pack, tho may use less)


All default Tekkit-Lite mods are intact, and our complete custom modpack content (along with instructions on how to install it) is accessible on our forums after you have been whitelisted.

We implement whitelisting because we take a lot of care in maintaining a friendly, constructive server. If you're a decent person, with few or no marks on your account, you should have no trouble being accepted and having a good time with our other players.

Staff are available most of the day, but if none happen to be online you can always drop a message about a problem on our forums and you should be assisted pretty quickly. Every hour (as long as it isn't the middle of the night) you can be sure a staff member is either checking the forums or is online.

This server was founded on the principles of being better run, embracing new ideas, and trying to go the extra step to stand out. Nearly every user that has stayed in our community has said that our server and staff care more than any others out there. I have high expectations of my staff members and it shows in what we produce as a server. We are only getting better.


- Balanced, Helpful Staff (Need help with something? One of us will know how)

- ZagCraft exclusive mod (Items only on our server)

- A complete Banking and internet network (All run on CC)

- Custom economy

- Staff that listens to ideas of its community

- Fair whitelisting and banning process

- Monthly updates

- Well made open world quests

- Mumble server


01. The Admin Team’s word overrules all, including these rules. If an admin says not to do something, but it says you can here, DON’T DO IT.

02. Griefing is strictly forbidden, this includes random destruction of the world.

03. Stealing is not allowed, it is very easy for us to tell that you did this, you will be hunted down and punished.

04. Use of a Nuclear Reactor requires Staff approval; do not build one without permission! If you do have permission you are not allowed to turn it on before it is inspected by the Staff.

05. Do not cheat the AFK kicker to keep a chunk loaded.

06. Excessive and unnecessary swearing is discouraged.

07. Use of any dupe bugs will result in banning.

08. Random unnecessary killings will get you jailed.

09. Don’t be a troll, even if you live under a bridge.

10. Do not set RP2 timers below 1 second for purposes of server stability.

11. If you live in a city, follow their established rules, these rules cannot override server rules however.

12. Do not give items to “Beginner” rank users, food and wooden tools are fine however if they lose their starting ones.

13. If you craft a banned item we WILL NOT refund you what it took to make it, DON’T MAKE THEM!

14. If you happen to find a banned item in a randomly spawned chest, please attempt to dispose of it.


- Wrath Igniter

- Ore Magnet

- Crumble Horn

- Portable Hole

- Wand of Excavation

- Wand of Frost

- Mining Laser


- Nuke

- TNT Cart

- Gift Cart

- Descriptive Book

- Dynamite

- Dynamite Carrier

- Sticky Dynamite

- OFZAB-500 Incendiary Bomb

- RDS-200 Nuke

- Secret camo chest

- Secret camo stairs

- Camo gate

- One way glass


- Advanced Solar Panels

- Chicken Chunks

- ExtraBees

- Extra Biomes XL

- Flan's Mod

- Forestry

- Gravisuite

- IC2 Charge Pads

- Immibis Peripherals

- Iron Pressure Plates

- Liquid XP

- Manus Vehicle Packages for Flans Mod

- Misc Peripherals

- Open CC Sensors

- Portal Gun

- Railcraft

- Secret Rooms Mod

- Soul Shards

- Thaumcraft

- Thaumic Bees

- Trail Mix

- Traincraft

- Twilight Forest


- Dynmap

- CoreProtect


- Essentials

- OnTime

- SimpleChestLock

Interested? Whitelisting is handled on our forums. You can post in this thread about your thoughts on our server, or asking for more information (although any info you need can be found on our forums). That said, to be whitelisted you must register on our FORUMS and follow the instructions in THIS THREAD. It's not hard, it all takes less then 5 minutes.

I stress that we will not whitelist you if you post to be whitelisted here, we do this on our forums (link is above) and we do not release our modpack publicly, you gain access to it on our forums after you have been whitelisted. If you have questions orcomments on our server, please by all means feel free to post below.

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Reporting that we recently banned user zakanater19 for taking advantage of a dupe bug and stealing, thought it would be a good idea to make over 30,000 coppers worth of solar panels, he has only played on the server for about 3 hours and 10 mins. So just a heads up to any other whitelist server that searches into people like I do, here info on him.

Will go on to note that he was given an opportunity to appeal for his ban on his forums and he never did, I directed him right to where he needed to post and he didn't. I haven't seen him on the forums sense, which was about 3 days ago sense this post.

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The server has now been updated to Tekkit Lite 0.5.9 as its base with a few new mod additions and lots of updates. We are also now running using the new Technic Platform launcher.

Zagrom will update this post soon I'm sure.

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I would like to join your server and try it out I am 33 years old and fairly new to tekkit lite but see all the great things that can be done. I am very much over the public servers and all the people I have ran into have been very unwelcoming. I am hoping to fit into a very nice community here.

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Post will be updated and redone in the next few days.

Modpack recently updated and a lot has changed as well as a new map coming up. Spawn will be redone, etc.

If you want to find out details before I get around to updating this post then see our site, zagrom.com

last I was told by dev, were up to 120 mods in our new pack, so there is plenty to look forward to

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