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Deployer Not Filling Buckets!


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I want to make a automated mechanism that sucks lava from the Nether, and then transports the lava (in the form of Lava Buckets) back to the normal world and then drop of the lava, and go back as a empty bucket to get refilled. But for some reason the Deployer will not suck any lava from the tank it is plugged into and put it into the empty buckets, to then be filled and go back to the normal world. I know it has something to do with my design, so Ill just show you what it looks like.


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Deployers don't fill buckets from tanks.

You can do one of two things in this case. You can simply skip the bucket step and use a liquid tesseract to transport the lava from the nether to the overworld and into pipes, or you can use a liquid transposer to move the lava from pipes into buckets, and then send it to the overworld, and then use another liquid transposer to put it back into pipes.

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