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Energy not splitting into pump and battery box!


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Okay so ive been trying to set up a Hydrogen generator. I have 1 pump, 1 electrolytic separator and one hydrogen generator, with a transformer getween the cord from the generator and the cord to the pump, since it doesnt do anything if hooked up directly.

When they are on their own, they work fine just fine, but as soon as i connect the battery box, it all messes up, and all power is put into the battery box instead of into the pump, regardless of differece in distance. however, if i put another transformer from the generator cord, it works and it splits the power evenly.

Why is this?

The setup to the right works and generates power(after a kickstart), the one to the right doesnt, it runs as long as the separator has water in its inventory, but then you need to refill it yourself.


Why I want this to work with just 1 transformer is quite simple - a single transformer is more than 1 stack copper each, and i dont want to waste a stack for nothing.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? How do you set up your hydrogen generators?

Thanks in advance!

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What's the second transformer for? I power my pumps at 120 and they work. If you used a wrench to place the pump, remove it and place it perfectly (no turning with a wrench). If I use a wrench on one it won't attach to my generic pipe or operate.

As said in the post, it doesnt work if im not using a second one. The pump operates if connected to either a red or green transformer, not all by itself. but since the battery box explodes if a green one is used, i decided to go for 2 red ones. no idea why this is, but thats how it is anyway

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