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1.0.13 update changed Hadron Colliders?


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My server (and I) updated to the brand new 1.0.13 update and after which my hadron collider, which worked before, no longer does. I switch it on and it begins to drain power from my batboxes, but displays no change in energy usage at the Particle Accelerator. Naturally, it shows no change in velocity, maintaining a speedy 0% for as long as it remains switched on....

Anyone else having issues with the new update?

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And you want to talk betrayal? You didn't even trust me. Trust is more or less a prerequisite for betrayal. Its not a big deal though, I don't blame you. You guys weren't producing anything near the caliber of the armor I lost anyway. By the way, we make about 3-4 grams of antimatter before having to recharge our power source, thanks for all the electromagnets!

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