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Friend has a blue dot for Tekkit Classic Server, Cannot connect properly.


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Title: Server connection fail

Version: 3.1.2

OS: Mac OSX Lion

Java Version: 1.7.0_06

Description of Problem:

Well I have been running a Tekkit Classic server from my dorm, and use hamachi so that my friends in the other dorms can connect to my server. Two of my friends can connect to my server just fine from their dorm and have a green dot on hamachi. But my other friend cannot connect from his dorm, and has a blue dot on hamachi. Every time he joins the server, he joins then gets booted. He is on a PC as well as the other two that CAN connect. I know I cannot port forward because I cannot access the schools network preferences.. Would be it be something on his computer? Also as it would seem each dorm building has its own different WiFi network thats why I have to use hamachi for my friends outside.

Help is very much appreciated!

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Tunngle would not work because I have a mac. I personally checked his antivirus software and his firewalls and they are all set to let hamachi through. But I believe that it is something to do with the IPs and ports in the hamachi settings, I am just not sure what it would be.

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Blue dots in Hamachi are what annoyed me the most about it. Basically, it can't establish a direct connection and relays the connection through someone else.

I suggest killing off all Firewall and Antivirus software (Not uninstall, just make sure it's not running. Not inactive, but completely killed.) and power off/on.

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Oh we tried that to we shut all his antivirus stuff off, he had Malware bytes anti malware scan and McAfee, both were shut off, and it was still in the blue dot state.. still think that it is the the peer/server connection settings that something has to match.. Its sad to say, but me and him have gone through tons of these threads and have found no solution what-so-ever..

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