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Small problem with microblocks


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Microblocks work differently from other blocks because different events are passed when Microblocks are placed. I suggest you either disable microblocks, or disable not only placing, but also using microblocks in protected areas. There's plugins to prevent using certain items in protected areas, should work for Microblocks too.

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I had this issue as well, where people could place microblocks all over protected spawn. No plugins worked with this.

Microblocks are passed on an ItemUse event in bukkit, you need to create an EventHandler to listen for that event, and match the id/meta with the mircoblocks.

Currently I achieved this with custom bukkit plugins for my server. Where players can't place microblocks inside other peoples claims.

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I had to create a custom bukkit plugin in Java (im using mcpc+ build to allow bukkit for tekkit lite).

It is a custom plugin that works with greifprevention for the claims, and i allow or disallow certain blocks in or out of claims.

As said before the microblocks are not a BlockPlaceEvent, it is a ItemUse event.

I am also playing with the Mining Laser, it might (doubtful) be possible to disallow use on claimed areas.. that is a separate can of worms though.

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