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Diary of a Mad Scientist


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Okay so I've been messing around with Voltz a bit and I thought I might make a story/let's build/not really sure what to call it thingy.

So what I've done is build an industrial style compound in creative mode and I'm going to build stuff in it while the story goes on. I admit I copied the idea the yogscast used in their Voltz let's play, I liked the look of their bunker so I've made a similar one and added a few things of my own to make it unique. (oh and if you haven't seen their Voltz let's play then go to this link:


Right so that's some info on what I'm doing: now on to the story ;)

Oh and technically this isn't Voltz, I've added a few mods to make my machinery better. The mods I've added are:


Computer Craft


Wireless Redstone

Entry One, Day 23.

The World's gone...Cryogenic's saved me but if anyone else survived the blast god knows. My company....my empire....it's all gone...gone. I woke up weeks ago in my cryogenics lab, I remember....my men shoving me into the tank and freezing me...I still feel the cold.

After waking up I found my company's head quarters in ruins, the skyscraper that was once the pride and joy of my empire was on its side...broken. The ground was blackened and the trees were burnt. I had to leave the city...I had to leave my past.

I walked for days, not sure where I was going. Somehow the only animals that survived the blast were cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. Their existence saved my life. I could eat again.

At night creatures came out, the remnants of mankind shambling towards me with skin greener than moss. That wasn't all though, mutated creatures also roamed the night; spiders so large you could ride them, skeletons with bows and worst of all....creatures with four legs, no arms and hollow, hateful eyes. All these creatures tried to claim my life but all failed, I can run faster than them...

After about a week I came across the place where I'm writing this diary now. It looked like an old abandoned soviet bunker where they test missiles. I was lucky to find this place for two reasons. The first reason is the fact that it's in the middle of a desert I had stupidly tried to cross, I was low on food and water...this place had lots of that. The second reason is that it sparked something inside of me, an inkling to rebuild my empire...rebuild my world. This new world was filled with trees, ore and animals. The things I could do with this world...the research I could accomplish...

I've rebuilt the place, there were holes in the walls and trees growing inside the building. I found some chests filled with supplies and spare building materials. I even found an old camera so I've taken a few pictures to document this place and my progress.

Here's the main building where I'll be making all my machinery. I may put proper lighting in there one day but that's fairly far away for now.


There's a cow and sheep farm where I'll get wool and leather to make wires and beef for my belly. I hope to automate the system so I have a constant supply of wool and leather, the way I do it may count as animal cruelty but this is a free world, there's no government to slow me down now.



I've rebuilt the tree farm, wheat farm and cacti farm. These may also be automated in the future.





I have also taken some pictures of the inside of the compound, as I said some modern lighting will be nice but some old fashioned torches will have to do.




That's the compound, I have many, many plans for it. But my first things I need to do is set up a power source, some coal generators perhaps and make some machines for refining all this ore I have. I may go looking for other humans, I could use some extra hands. But I want to be properly equipped, I miss the El's Co. Quantum suits. I'll have to start from scratch unfortunately. I'm not going back to the city...I-I can't.

That's all for now folks! I hope everyone liked it I spent a fair bit of time on this (most of it spent waiting for Imgur to load my images ;) ). So please give me some feedback, say it's shit, say it's amazing I don't mind :)

If you have got this far without falling asleep then thank you!

EDIT: I'm doing everything completely legit from now on as well

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Well, welcome back!

It may not be a continuation of the Tales of Ilensia, but atleast you're continuing what you love to do :P

Question: why not simply use Voltz? It would be fun to read tales about a mod(pack?) that I have personally never touched.

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Oh and technically this isn't Voltz

You can see my confusion, I hope? But I see that I derped a bit when I re-read your post.

I like the black 'n' white pictures... gives it a bit voltz "noire" feeling to it.

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Entry 2, Day 31

I laboured for days without sleep, I've ran out of leather so wires are becoming increasingly difficult to make. The sheep and cow farm is coming along but I need to wait for the animals to "cool down" until they can breed again. I've also expanded the wheat farm, also I've decided to farm flax as well to make string which I'll turn into wool to make wires. Once I've got the farms going making wires should be easy.

Machine wise I have made great progress. I have made a metallurgic infuser which will make the process of making steel and bronze much more efficient. I have also made three enrichment chambers, these enrichment chambers will turn one piece of ore into two pieces of dust, I can smelt this dust into ingots, so now I can get two ingots out of one ore doubling my efficiency. And the final machine I have made is a smelting factory, the smelting factory can smelt three things at once, simple but incredibly useful.


All these machines require power, at first I made do with a coal generator and two battery boxes. But now with all these machines I fear it isn't enough and it's eating away my coal. To solve this problem I have made an advanced solar generator.


Solar power is useful but not very powerful it's too weak even for the tiny amount of machines I have now so I need to seek another power source. My options are: a few more advanced solar generators, heat generators (one definitely won't be enough) which can be dangerous as they can cause fires, hydrogen generators these are safer than heat generators so they might be a good option and of course there is nuclear power. If I make a fission reactor it will cost me a fair bit of my limited resources but will be highly beneficial but also slightly dangerous, I will also need to make a hazmat suit and get some uranium. Refining Uranium will be the most expensive part, I'll need to make a centrifuge which is expensive on its own, it also eats a lot of power. And a nuclear reactor underneath my home isn't the best of ideas...it didn't end well when I did it last time. I will have to dwell on my options, hopefully I'll have my answer soon...

That's it for today I'm afraid, I'm going to play Mount and Blade now :D

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