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Tech Overlord mod idea


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What does it mean to be an overlord? It means building a nation. It means wielding the power of an entire country. It means discovering better technologies to give you the advantage.

My idea is for a mod that is easy to implement, but adds vast depth to single player and multi-player gameplay.

The idea is to make it adaptable to any sort of combination of mods, by having the core aspects editable through a handful of config files.

There are 3 aspects to this mod: City management, Research, and Conquest

Here is a brief walkthrough of what gameplay would be like:

-Find a testificate village

-Craft and place down an "Overlords Control" block near the center of the village

-Craft and place down a "Village Vault Chest" next to the Control block

-Open Control block gui to see number and type of villagers within control radius (village)

-Add food, cobble, dirt, wood, ores, ingots, or any resource to the Village Vault Chest

-Watch items disappear from chest and be counted in Control block gui

-Add enough food and tools to unlock Carpenter class of testificate

-Look up the recipe in Not Enough Items for the recently unlocked Carpentry 101 book

-Use Carpentry 101 on a testificate villager of any type to transform him into a Carpenter Villager

-Trade with the Carpenter Villager to receive special structure blocks(only attainable through trade or cheating)

-Place structure block to spawn a building

-Check Control block gui to see added structure to city stats list

-Discover new technology and new testificates unlocked by new structure

-Get university structure

-Get a Red Power Engineer villager and unlock crafting recipes for first technology tier of Red Power mod

-Use a block breaker and transposer to create an automated cobble generator(or farm, or mine etc)

-Add your copious amounts of cobble/stone and some redstone you mined to the Village Vault Chest to unlock a Computer Craft tech school

-Trade for tech school structure block from carpenter

-Place computer tech school and make a Computer Craft tech villager (unlocks first tier of computer craft items/blocks)

-Create more automations to feed your city and upgrade its control/detection radius, and the max population you can feed/control

-Build vanilla structures to generate more villager babies to increase population, or cure villager zombies from a zombie spawner(faster) or automate the process with your advanced technology!!!!(SO MANY DOORS)

-Unlock more structures and training books to customize your populations professions and unlock more crafting recipes

-Create defenses to protect your villagers, because next, comes WAR!

(*maybe build an underground metropolis, by curing zombie villagers!)

-Now that you have a thriving city and advanced technology, it's time to conquer your uncivilized, and third world neighbors, and bring them into your nation.

-Political power based on number and type of citizens controlled(professors worth more points than farmers etc.)

Go kill enemy citizens to weaken another players grip over his nation

-Once you have more power than your rival overlord, take over his city via his government control block! Sending him back to square one, rubbing sticks together trying to craft a wooden pick, because all his research and villagers are now yours!

This would be fairly straight forward to create, all that would need to be add is:

-Overlord Control Block: Capable of detecting and counting the number and type of testificate villager and structure block within the control radius.

-Also a gui with village stats, including resources(could be broken down into different categories i.e. food, construction materials, fuel, minerals,tools, technologies, etc. where the type of item would determine its category, and the quality of item would determine its value, i.e. adding a wooden shovel may add 1 to tools, where as a diamond shovel may add 20 to tools, etc. the category and number of resources available to your city would determine what was locked and unlocked)

-Village Vault Chest: Capable of receiving items, categorizing and giving a value to them, and communicating that number to the Overlord Control Block and display on the gui also destroying the item.

-Custom testificate skins and "types" i.e. red power engineer, computer craft tech etc. Countable and detectable by Control block when within range

-New trades (customizeable through config file using item id# and trade cost and villager type) for testificates

-New Structure blocks countable and detectable by control block

-Technology tiers i.e. blocked crafting recipies unlockable through obtaining a certain number and type of villager(customizeable through config file using item id# and requirements for unlocking)*I imagine undiscovered recipes would be unavailable through NEI like with thaumcraft 3 and available to look up after they are unlocked

With the addition of a single villager type and skin, and some config files, this would be compatible with ANY mod out there using forge too.

I believe this would stratify multiplayer gameplay, do a lot to balance multiplayer, give people goals to advance to, and add a lot of depth the experience, also breaking up other mods into smaller digestable doses, so people arent overwhelmed all at once. Plus it gives you something to defend and capture!

Please let me know what you think!

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I see you don't get any responses on these forums unless your post is troll-bait. Ah well, found a modder on minecraft forums who is going to take this on. Thanks anyways technic forum.

Posting your idea does not grant you a guaranteed response, and definitely doesn't guarantee a modder will care. If you cared to look you'd see other ideas posted that got responses because they were actually worth responding to.

If all you hear is crickets then maybe your Super-Duper-Completely-Radical-Ultra-Awesome Idea[tm]©{patent pending} isn't as awesome and unique as you believe it to be. If you have a problem with that, go be pissy elsewhere.

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