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[1.0.13]Rainbow Sunshine Welcome Wagon[PvP/Raid/Grief][20 Slots][No WList][Nothing Removed]


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Server IP:

Port: Default

Description: My friends and I were tired of servers with too much lag, too much cheating, or too many Staff members abusing their status. Our server is an attempt to provide a pure Voltz experience with very little editing done. For now, you simply spawn, go mine, and have fun! There are currently no items or mods disabled. We are an open server and do not make use of Whitelists.

Players: Currently myself and a few friends. We're looking for more long-term, old-time Voltz players of course, and the server is geared towards raiding, stealing, killing and looting! Be a pirate! There are plenty here! Mature players preferred, but all ages are welcome. Just remember, you will be killed, raided, and looted! Expect to go through the fun of early Minecraft building often!

Rules: Currently, the only rule in play is no cheating. Cheating is defined on our server as 3 things: Combat logging (Logging off while in combat), hacks that allow commands otherwise restricted from your use (Like flying/creative mode), and abusing wall-clipping or chunk-clipping. Cheating is not tolerated in the slightest and will be met pretty much immediately with a ban in any reasonable scenario. There is no appeal process, so don't get banned.

Uptime: We have a good host. Our host has a 99% uptime according to Google traffic analytics. I occaisionally take the server down for maintenance, but in most cases will inform the playerbase when this is going to occur. We try to stick with the latest Voltz version, but in the event of an update causing instability, may revert until that is resolved.

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