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Tekkit Lite Bug? Need Help (Photo Included)

Dr. Zuko

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Hey bro's/broettes, so I started a new server for tekkit lite and believe to have encountered maybe a bug of some sorts. Now, in my previous servers and times playing tekkit lite I have never encountered something like this: when I first place down my machines (in this case I have a macerator, geothermal generator, and an extractor) they face in their normal directions but after I diconnect, change a texture pack, or even leave to mine and return they seem to have switched their facing positions...Here is a photo of the problem. Any ideas?


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There are allready a metric-ton of post about this, its a bug with the current version of IC2 in Tekkit, its graphical only, the machines still functions as when placed.

You can manual update IC2 (both server and client), or wait for a Tekkit update.

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