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My Nuclear Test Zone, WARNING: Contains Radiation


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I've been working on this base for a week now with Voltz. I have big plans for it but this is what I've done so far. Oh and I've added a few much needed mods as well:



Iron Chests (this one wasn't necessarily needed but I wanted it :P)

All the buildings have been done in creative but the mining and crafting has been done completely legit.

Now let me give you the VIP tour.


This is the whole complex, the bottom left building with the skylights is my animal farm, above that is my farm, in the centre is the main building where most of the magic happens, to the left of that is an old building I don't use any more and the building to the right of that is my neglected tree farm. And finally the tall building on the far right is my missile control base, heh heh, that's where the rest of the magic happens. Now lets drink in some details shall we?


Here's my animal farm on the inside, pretty basic. I'm planning on making it automated but I've been extremely busy making other things.


This is the front door of my main base, it's password and user locked as you can see. A pretty simple program.


My storage room, a redpower sorting system is underneath.


The Redpower sorting system


My babies..er I mean machines.


My nuclear reactor, password locked and computer controlled. (I also have two advanced solar panels outside)


This huge empty room is my fusion reactor room, (you can tell I made this in creative, I would never have the patience to make all that blastproof walling) there will be a reactor in here in the future as well as a particle accelerator, as of now it's empty though :(


Now this is where I kill people from afar, my missile control base :D


There are two terminals, the one on the right I haven't found a use for and is purely for decoration but the one on the left I can use to fire my missiles (I have currently made two silos)

The big monitor gives me the status of my missiles (it's purely aesthetic for now, I still haven't made it so it updates when I fire a missile) and when I fire a missile it puts a countdown on the big screen :D (5, 4 ,3 ,2 ,1 ,Missile Launched!)


The results of some testing :D


And of course one of the missile silos :D

I hope you liked it and feel free to ask questions, I have loads of things I want to do. The main things on my agenda are:

Build an underwater base (don't know the use of it yet)

Make a dock

Make a huge battleship and possibly a nuclear submarine

Also any suggestions on what I should do are very welcome :)

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