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  1. Skype: Maxrules1991 age: 13 Location: New Jersey
  2. If you need another person to join (I see I'm a little late to the party....) count me in. I have a Skype and have had lots of experience with Tekkit just in general.
  3. I agree with ThrillBird that is would be cool but you would need something like a frame motor (I think redpower) but that uses different power.
  4. I'm 11 and live in NJ (New Jersey). Oh and I don't need to be able to fly. I am not very new to voltz but am still basic.
  5. I could do it but I don't have a youtube account.
  6. should make this with more people instead of 2v2 (4)
  7. I'll do it. I'm sorta a basic. But I'm usually unavailable on weekdays and my username is Maxrules199
  8. love the place.Only suggestion is to add a radar with ballistic missiles (if your on a server)