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[0.5.7]SecondLifeCraft[PvE/PvP][1000 slots][BukkitForge + plugins][Nations]


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Are ip is : server.secondlifecraft.ignorelist.com

This is a SecondLifeCraft server, you can start factions, nations and empires. We already started countries, you can ask giuseppe_g for cretin things like to give you authorized country and to join a citizenship. Are mod pack is at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/secondlifecraft


  • No Griefing (wars and political events are alowed)
  • No Bullying (Verbally or In-game, i.e killing the same person over and over again.)
  • No asking for stuff or permissions or ranks (Only becoming builder)
  • Do not debate religion or any other kind of personal views there are debating forums for that (you can express your opinion just do not force it on others.)

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...Yeah, if you know what's good for you, avoid this server. The owner hardly puts effort into things. I was given control of a country, and then the owner starts teleporting EVERYONE who joined into my base. Then he starts spawning in items (Said players were in complete nano/quantum). I logged out for just a few minutes, and suddenly everything was stolen.

So yeah...um. Bai.

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