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Need people for HARLEM SHAKE in Minecraft! JOIN


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Hey, i am making a harlem shake video in minecraft, we have the server started and now just need people to join!


You do realize that a big amount of Minecraft Harlem Shake videos where already done right?

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Hello, i've tryed to log in without succes. It appears you are just trolling because you wont provide more info as suggested before, second this with the port "12345" seems like its maked up, but why not. Its the offtopic section, yet I dont see the point of it. And if im totaly wrong, the second could be right: "you try to get people in your server and lure them with an sort of event" In that case please post the IP in the server section, well if it is modded ofcourse, otherwise the minecraftforum.net would be a suitable place.

[Note] im not offending, I could be totaly wrong but this post might show how other people think about it but will not say it :P


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