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Will there ever be Tekkit 1.4.7?


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Will there ever be a version 1.4.7 for Tekkit? I can already create a modpack that has all the mods Tekkit consists of and play in 1.4.7, but have incompatibilities with servers. Is the team currently working on a latest version of Tekkit, do you have to configure loads of files (bunch of effort) and do the same for Tekkit Servers or will it just be 1.2.5?

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You know the forgeBukkit Project is nearly dead so it is halted so tekkit is stuck in 3.1.2 at the moment

Many servers with mods dont use bukkit which makes all modded servers private so they cant use factions,towny etc

They can mod the clients but cant mod bukkit because of the forgeBukkit project has stopped

And they cant update because ee2 is dead but ee3 replcaced it but all there red matter would be usless

If you want them to update tekkit somone needs to cretate some forge---------.jar that will accept plugins that are coded in java only java

EvilSeth,CPW and LexManos are working on it but it might become dead so help them or adbannen ForgeBukkit and make a more supreme setup

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