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  1. What permissions plugin are you using not tekkit costmizer
  2. You could ban the greifing items from being crafted
  3. BlackList the server or Blacklist Until they pay the fee for accessing the server
  4. 1. Use a 64 bit computer 2. for 3-5 pepps = 3GB 3. for 20-50 peeps 4-8GB 4.(if you want the server to make money make it P2P) 5. Ban ALL Laggy items and over powered ones(If you want to reduce laga lot Ban MOST BulidCraft3 Pipes
  5. Clicky >> <<Clicky Due to the pervious things with forge and bukkit They wont to trey to fix ForgeBukkit So thats why I created TechForge What to do: 1. Common Sticky the Thread 2. Finish TechnicSoldier 3. Help Please 4. Get alpha stage 5. How how the plugins get made 6. any other languages other than Java 7. Staff Baby Sit the thread 8. finaly make sure it WORKS _____________________ Server:Log388 ServerShutDown
  6. Mine runs properly My computer has Firewall and works
  7. You are using TechnicSSP use tekkit or tekkit lite then it will work
  8. Please use world anchors its not updating of
  9. just transfer your single player world to the server Problem solved
  10. NUFF SAID?

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      That could count as signing your post if you do it to much