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[0.5.9] God-like.de [PvP Survival][20 Slots] [Open Server][AGE BOOK REMOVED]


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Server IP : God-like.de

Server rules

Rule #1 : No Racism

Rule #2 : No Spamming

Rule #3 : No Bullying

Rule #4 : No Advertising

Rule #5 : No Duplication

Rule #6 : No Hacked Clients

Rule #7 : No Flaming

Rule #8 : No Swearing

Details :

  • Banned Items : Age Book
  • Dedicated Linux Server 24/7
  • Community is a bunch of German guys who play Tekkit Lite for the First time.
  • No restriction, if you feel like bombing someone for certain reasons(or no reasons), go for it
  • It is allowed to raid/Steal from other players, you are responsible for you own stuff ;)
  • There is no "could i please have itemz?". You have to earn your stuff. Free items will not be given out.
  • No Protection System!


The Server is a PvP Survival which means, you can be killed or raided at any time without protection.

Do Not join this server if it does not sound like fun for you!

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