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[1.4.7]Liminality[PvE][24 slots][Whitelist][24/7]

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Welcome to Liminality! We are a fun, friendly community dedicated to industrialization of the minecraft world with the help of some useful mods!

Server Features

Our server runs 24/7!

We have a multitude of plugins, including Essentials, iChat, VoxelSniper, Worldguard/Worldedit, Dynmap and more.

We essentially added whatever mods we found cool. Therefore, the mod list is quite long, but our main mods are Buildcraft, Redpower, Thaumcraft, Industrial Craft 2 + addons, GregTech, Extra Biomes XL, Computercraft, Railcraft, and Logistics Pipes.

A full list of all the mods can be found by clicking this sentence!

How do I join?

To join, it is a simple process of posting an application to become a member on our forums! Register at liminalityforums.tk for more information and instructions. We also have a website for announcements, competitions, and other cool stuff at liminality.tk

A brief history

Liminality first started a little more than a year ago, as a vanilla minecraft server. We slowly built up our users, and ended up with a core group of veterans. Later on, when we got bored with vanilla, we started looking for alternate ways to play minecraft. Dabbled a bit in mods, but we were too lazy to continuously update our mods when the servers got updated. We finally stumbled upon Tekkit! Instantly fell in love, ended up renting a dedicated server, then another dedicated server, and stayed with that one for a while. The following pictures are the highlights of the now deceased world.

The Library


Zeus' Mountain Lair


But now those days are gone. With all the drama around ForgeBukkit, we decided to take matters into our own hands. And with long hours of work, out came LimCraft! A new modpack made specifically for our server.

With Extra Biomes XL, we have a beautiful autumn biome


For transportation, Liminality boasts the Mystcraft Teleport Hub


And then, the main spawn attraction


Server Specs

Our server is a dedicated VPS server, with 4gb of ram, and 6gb of burstable ram. No bandwidth limit, and we have a dedicated CPU core!

Miscellaneous information

To visit our dynmap, go to liminality.vanquishvps.com:8123

We also have a Teamspeak 3 server. Connection information can be found at liminalityforums.tk

All rules of the forums and of the server can be found at our forums.

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Hey all! I have been playing on this server for probably around 6 months maybe longer. I have to say that this is the best server I have ever been on. I used to try all kinds of servers probably tried server new ones one a week. Then I found tekkit and began playing on another server. After maybe a month I was done, I got tired of Just spawning in diamond with EE and greifers ran abound on any servers I tried. Then I went to http://tekkitserverlist.com/ and found liminality. I applied for a whitelist application and the first day I came on I felt welcome and have never tried any other servers since. The players are friendly and welcoming to new players and while the modpack can be intimidating at first if you start slow you can learn all kinds of new things. Because we are a small server there is plenty of space to build. I would recommend this server to anyone who wants a challenge with a good community. And when we get new players that means that there will be less time when the server is empty. :D Thank you and have a good day.

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