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Yay another possible IC2 bug in 0.5.7...


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I haven't seen any posts mention this yet, but in addition to the wacky texture-flipping, I've noticed that when viewing the GUI of a Solar Array of any voltage at night, after a few seconds the sunlight indicator will come on. Placing any chargeable item in the Solar Array's slot will make it appear that it is charging, even with the EU rising steadily in the tooltip. Exiting the GUI and viewing it again reverts the item back to the charge it had when it was placed in the slot, until a few seconds pass and the sunlight indicator turns on again.

I didn't want to post it as a bug report, because I'd rather know if this problem is present in the most recent builds of Tekkit Lite. I don't want to upgrade yet to find out for myself because my server is still running 0.5.7.

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