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I need help with modding.


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I'm planning to make a´mod wich contains:

1. a Computer that when you right click it a gui opens up and there you can write x and y coordinates. After that you press ok and a circruit with the coordinates pops out from the computer.

2. a Rocket that when you put it to the ground and right click it, a gui opens up and there is five places. first one is for the circruit. Second, third and fourth ones are places where you put uranium for explosion. Fifth one is the place for the rocket fuel. You then connect the rocket to the computer with redstone or maybe some sort of electrial cables. After you linked your computer to the rocket, you open computer's gui and press launch button and it launches the rocket to the coordinates what are told in the circruit.

3."a Weapon box", that after you right click it, a gui opens (again) and there are list of weapons, mags, e.t.c... When you hover your mouse on top of the item, at the right side you can see materials what you need for that item. You have the materials in inventory and you click that item you want, you get it.

4.(Maybe) some sort of electricity and machines that runs with it.

If someone has any idea of how to do these. Please help me. (Sorry for my bad english)

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