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Fall damage bug?


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Started playing tekkit lite 0.5.9 today, after a while I noticed something strange: Somehow I was hardly taking any fall damage I would jump from 6 or so blocks high and would take no damage at all. Seemed a bit strange because jumping down 4 blocks would hurt in vanilla, this seems to be happening randomly sometimes I take damage while other times I don't. Now I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended due to some mod that is in lite. Could someone shed some lite on this? (see what I did there?)

Also, I installed Optifine onto it, could that be a reason?

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This started happening fairly early on, no armor on and my inventory was fairly empty (literally 15 mins into the world)

I even made a new world just to check this out. Entered the world, built a tower of 6 blocks again, jumped down, nothing happened. Once again no armor and nothing in my inventory.

Edit: okay I just tried jumping from the cloud layer, roughly 40-50 from the ground

Did not lose a single heart. This is so random.

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