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puting a bucket of lava into a tank bug


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Ok so i play with my cousin we built a portal and want to take lava from the nether to the other world and fill tanks with it but when i was puting lava in the tank the bucket would refill and lava would be in the tank still and when i tryed to use lava out of the tank the buckets would just bug back to being empty I am unsure where to report bugs or where to look for them because im new to the forum

sorry if there is another thread XD

one more bug the machines like to face down and idk if its my computer but it does it on his to so i think maybe its a bug all so they flip face down when u leave the area or save and come back in and they dont change @.@ bugs me im ocd about the smallest things i know xD but i figured id make reports of what i seen so far

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