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Mod suggestion: Applied energistics


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Applied energistics currently uses IC and BC for power but the mod maker has said that universal electricity support is planned, I'm only suggesting that it is added after that.

Applied energistics is an item storage and transport mod based on the idea of storing items as energy and data on hard disk like devices called storage cells. The easiest way to access the items on them is to insert them into a machine called an ME chest but you can also create a network out of machines the mod adds that let you withdraw and deposit items anywhere you have an access terminal. It also has its own automated crafting and processing.

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Wrong place to suggest

The tekkit devs do NOT develop Volts (at least not publicly *dun dun dun*) it's just part of the mod pack

Also, every "Add this mod" topic (and post, and private message) I have seen has either received a simple warning "No" or the "are you that stupid?" test if the post has terrible spelling punctuation etc

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