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tekkit lite, general questions


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I have several questions about tekkit lite.

first question I'm sure many people will complain "this has already been asked 19 million times learn to use the search function you noob" but o well. Why does the technic site no longer show the changelog?

Second, if the script for the changelog function on the site is broken, why dont they just make a sticky post in the forum titled "Change log" and have a person of staff post a new thing to it with every patch? or perhaps one the developers are smart enough to fix it?

third, why doesn't the latest version info update anymore? its been blank for several patches? I am kind of guessing someone is going to flame again on this question saying its a broken script, to that i say check question 2.

forth, why is the modlist for the mods messed up? i'm going to guess script error again.

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Legitimate questions, so no flaming should occur. I'll pass it along to the admin team, but I'm guessing they're working on it already. Caveat on the flaming: your tone and grammar could use some work, so you may get flamed for that. :flame:

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It was permanent/? Thanks anyway.

If you were a keller before the forum switchover, or acquired it by a very particular means no one understands clearly afterward, it was permanent, yes. In your case, you have a permanent point for this from Merchant. Ask very politely if you'd like it erased, as it may have been the time period where we couldn't set a time frame for points. Whether or not is actually is erased, of course, is up to the mod that gave it to you.

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