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In case of Zeppelin mod, I tried placing mod itself in tekkit/mods, and wu.class inside it into minecraft.jar and modpack.jar. It didn't work. When I tried launching Minecraft after this, an error message appeared, this one I believe:

=== IndustrialCraft 2 Error ===

Minecraft Forge is not properly installed. Possible reasons include:

* Minecraft Forge is not installed at all

* Minecraft Forge is installed in the mods folder instead of inside the

minecraft.jar or minecraft_server.jar file

* One or more mods have been installed in the wrong order

* One or more installed mods are incompatible with the Minecraft Forge

IndustrialCraft 2 needs the Minecraft Forge to be properly installed

in order to operate.

(Technical information: Missing hook Block.isGenMineableReplaceable)

===============================Any help?

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