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[0.6.1] Costus [PvE][40 Slots][Dedicated][Bukkit][No Myst][Protection]


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Costus.net Tekkit Lite

Server/Connection Info:

IP: costus.net (

Uptime: 24/7

The goal for the server should be to have a nice and friendly community with players that like to build big machines / factorys.

We have seperate World for Quarrys on the Server to keep the main world clear.

Actual: Spawn has to be redone (Problems with Multiverse on 0.6.1)



- NoGriefing

- No Explosives

- NoSpamming

- No Harassment

- Just play fair and have fun


- PreciousStones

- Lift

- PermissionsEx

If you miss a plugin you would like to have contact the Staff.

Banned Items:

- MiningLaser

- All Explosives

- Quarryonlyallowed in theQuarry World (Will be Regnerated)

- Mystcraft

Removed Mods:

- Weaponmod

- ComputerCraft(Temporary)

- DimensionalDoors(Has to be Tested)

- AdditionalPipes(Use Tesseracts)

- WirelessRestone(Temporary)

Additional Pictures:


Spawn in the Build World:


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Hi Guys

Would love to join the server but im quite new to joining one as i have played on a friends so far and he set it up. I have the IP ok but it says a load of mods are missing which are need to launch. Could you give me a hand on how to sort this out?



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