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  1. IGN: (I sent you a PM) Skype: purplesmart Mod Level of Knowledge (1-10, self assess): 7.5 I build and test my own modpack but only in singleplayer. How many times does the map get reset because of glitches/corruption?
  2. How old are you? 23 How experienced are you with modded Minecraft? I used to play a lot of tekkit lite. I'm now just learning some of the newer mods like Mekanism. What are you looking for in a server? What would you like to build? I'm looking for a server with certain mods like RF Tools, Mekanism, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion. But not so many mods that my computer can't handle. Usually 50-100 mods is the maximum. I can PM you my IGN for the server?
  3. IGN: TheGriffinKing Age: 22 What country are you from? Canada Why TotalTekkit? I want to find a stable server that will survive for more than 1 month and doesn't ban everything. Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why? No. I'm a friendly person you can get along with and I'll tell you what my goals are. Do you agree to the rules above? Yes.
  4. here is the IP:

    but I think the server is down for a little bit, or its just for me

  5. You should try "Apocalypse Anarchy" server.

    no admins or staff to push you around, nothing is banned, you can do what ever the hell you want :D

    (when I say nothing I mean NOTHING, you cn use dimensional doors, mystcraft, hell you can even blow the hell out of someone's house with a nuke :D )

  6. name: thegriffinking Reason: I'm looking for a stable server that has Essentials on and doesn't have every item banned so I can construct my ultimate mining machine.
  7. Did you find a different server?

  8. Wut is your IGN Purplesmart?

  9. IGN: TheGriffinKing Exp: All mods except logistics pipes and mystcraft Location: Canada Anything else? How is the server being run?
  10. Can you fix the bug where flying around with Power Armor will kick you because the server thinks you're in creative?