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Where to find an updated changelog?


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I was just wondering where you could find an updated changelog for Tekkit Lite. On the website it seems the changelog only goes up to 0.5.6, and I was wondering where some changelogs for newever versions like 0.5.7 and up would be. I like to know what's changing in the game when I do an update.

I also had some other questions about the website that seem to confuse me. I haven't been using Technic for a few months now and I was wondering what happened to the old Technic SSP pack. Is it discontinued, because it was basically all the same mods as Tekkit?

And, for my last question, why is it such a secret to get other versions of the Tekkit Lite server files? On the Tekkit Lite info page (http://technicpack.net/tekkit-lite) is where you would download the server files for Tekkit Lite. However, this page only has the recommended version for download and never any newer ones. The way to get newer server files is to edit the download URL to the desired version. Nowhere on the page it says to do this except for on the forums (unless I'm missing something). If this is a public modpack that is designed for ease of use than why not put a download link to other server file versions or put some instructions to change the URL.

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Yeah I kind of wondered about that as well. There must be some secret place where they keep the change logs and bug status.

Why the server files are so relatively hard to find I don't know but I guess they want the public at large to go with recommended and the freaks only with bleeding. So making it hard kind if does that. :D

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